Why do we need a new dawn in Detroit? The infant mortality rate in Detroit is that of a developing nation, 13.1 deaths per 1000 live births compared to a 5.6 national average. Babies are dying, needlessly! The problem is NOT that there is a lack of healthcare available in Detroit. There are numerous hospital systems and million dollar medical facilities in the city. The problem is that the people don't use them and women don't keep their pre-natal appointments.

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The reasons why are complex, but the one we have decided to address is the lack of a caring, trusting relationship between patient and provider. We believe that relationship is the glue that will help our patients receive the pre-natal care they need. Instead of the patient being forced to enter the providers culture, we will enter and adapt to theirs. It's time to provide loving, personalized pre-natal and infant care in Jesus' name to any mother who needs it - free of charge.


The Luke Clinic
is an effort in cooperation with the
Michigan District of the Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod